Case Study: Playfactors


About Compcon 2018 by Payfactors

Payfactors hosts their annual 2 day client conference in Boston, MA in order to bring together and educate their top clients on new services. Participants traveled to Boston from all over the US and Canada to attend. 

Business Challenge

Driving more meaningful interactions and higher-quality conversations among its event participants, ensuring that those connections were not missed. Payfactors also wanted to capitalize on the serendipitous opportunities participants have to engage throughout the event to exponentially increase engagement and ROI for producing the event.

Proxfinity Activation

Proxfinity was brought in to ease the stress and awkwardness of making those initial icebreakers for participants making meeting new people easy. Payfactors provided the industry and region of each participant beforehand. Those interests were programed into each participants personal smart badge. The 450 participants then picked up their name tag and smart badge at registration which immediately started the activation. 

Results, Proxfinity Performance

Participants matched on two simple topics which generated a successful activation with the data to back it up.

Initial insights: With just 2 days of use, participants made:

  • 4,964 Total connections

  • 125 Bullseye connections (All 4 affinities in common)

  • 16+ connections/ participant

  • 277%+ more connectivity than if Payfactors had not used the platform