Case Study: Global XYZ Pharma


About Global Pharma Commercial Operations Forum

Global Pharma brought together 150 of their employees to educate them on the latest trends in Commercial Operations while also providing them with networking opportunities with other colleagues finding out the strengths and challenges of working with Global Pharma. View the full case study here.

Business Challenge

Global Pharma wanted to keep their employees engaged in networking throughout the entire event, giving their participants more chances to make a positive and mutually beneficial connections within the company. 

Proxfinity Activation

We ran two separate activations in the same day of the conference. The morning activation facilitated networking via business topics. The second activation was led by hobby and personal topics such as where have you traveled to and where would you like to go. Participants connected on both business related and lifestyle questions to inspire new conversations throughout the event. 

Results, Proxfinity Performance

  • 1426 total connections

  • 65 Bullseye connections (All 4 affinities in common)

  • 14+ connections/ participant

  • 55% more connectivity than if they had not used the platform

Business icebreaker: With just 1 hour of use 150 employees made…

Cocktail hour networking: With just 1 hour of use 100  employees made…

  • 764 total connections

  • 58 Bullseye connections (All 4 affinities in common)

  • 9+ connections/ participant

  • 53% more connectivity than if they had not used the platform