Introducing the Social Hardware for Business Platform 

The Proxfinity CUE™ is the only smart badge linked to a SaaS back-end that improves the event experience before, during and after a meeting.

With a  form factor thinner than a smartphone and lighter than a pad of sticky notes, the CUE™ puts just the right amount of social into professional – helping people connect and bond easily and naturally.

Reprogrammable. Reusable. Reliable – with three days of battery life.


Professionally Identifiable Information (PII)

Before the event, we profile participants with a simple, variable screen based on behavioral science and event purpose in order to program the CUE™.

During and after the event, the CUE™ generates meaningful connections and collects matching data – so that even if you can’t connect, you know who else you shared affinities with.

All this information – PII for the workplace – helps make the value of an event last long after it’s over for both participants and organizers.


Get a CUE™


When matched people get within 5-10 feet of each other, the CUE’s high-resolution LED screen flashes the paired names, alerting participants that there’s an affinity across both skills and interests.

It’s the only device that keeps you off devices – and focused on the real world, in real time.